Laurah Eva Mwirichia

Product Writer | Content Strategist


Hi, I’m Laurah. 


I’m currently a Product Writer at Square. I work within our product team to give users the best possible experience as they run their business.


👉Content Lead/UX Writer @ Aircall
👉Freelance writer at: Planted, CommonBond, Morty,  FCTRY,  and Debitize (acquired by Trim). 


✍🏾 My writing on UX has been featured on online publications such as UX Design Collective,  Prototypr, and Square Design Blog.

🗣️ I’ve also spoken in several conferences, events, and podcasts including the UX Writer Conference, Adelante UX Career Group,  and the Content Strategy Insights Podcast.

About me

I like riding bikes, taking care of indoor plants, and learning new languages on DuoLingo.

I currently reside in New York City.


Laurah Mwirichia