what i do

I leverage the intersection of UX design, content strategy, and copywriting to create a clear and concise brand voice that shines across the entire product platform and places the user at the center of the interaction.

✏️ UX Writing: Clear, concise, useful. Improving the user experience through words.

🎨 Content strategy: Researching, organizing, and writing content that speaks to your audience.

🚀 Informational interfaces & popups:  Explaining complicated things quickly and efficiently.

💻 Technical writing:  Simplifying complex information.

💡 Messaging, branding & positioning:  What, how, and why we should care.

🔎 Editing: Bad writing can be corrected. An empty page remains an empty page (Israelmore Ayivo).

what i believe

  1. The copy is often the most human part of a product interaction.
  2. When it comes to creating digital products, writing is designing.
  3. Black lives matter.

my writing

I should be writing more long-form articles, but we’re in a pandemic (#COVID19 #2020wtf #2021alsowtf) and I have little motivation after work these days so…your best bet is to follow me on LinkedIn for my occasional insights when the mood strikes. I promise I post at least semi-regularly and sometimes they’re good posts!

But I honestly do have a LOT of thoughts about using words to create user experiences. You can find my more coherent thoughts on my Medium page.

Here are some of my favorites:

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